Saturday Evening Ramblings

We survived five days– in a row– of school, and I feel like we deserve cookies. Unfortunately, if we are going to eat cookies I’m going to have to bake them, and I am happily ensconced in my recliner for the evening, so I guess cookies are out. I started this week with an arthritis […]

Monday Meanderings, week 14

I know. It’s Tuesday. Tuesday night, actually. But this is my blog and if I want to do my Monday Meander on Tuesday night, I feel pretty much okay with that. Last week, in true Weird Homeschooler fashion, we started our new school year. We had a decent first week, with no unexpected drama and […]


My high school class is planning a little get-together for next weekend. Not an official reunion, you know, just a “Hey guys, who’s available to get together on Saturday and hang out? Bring your kids . . .” sort of thing. It’s amazing how something this simple can bring up all the insecurities I thought […]

It’s July Second. Only Five Months Till My Birthday.

I do hope that you have been saving money for my present. So, yeah. It’s July 2nd. Ever since October, my mom, sister, and I have chosen a “thirty-day challenge” each month, where we do something every day for thirty days. Some months I have failed miserably; a couple of months have actually produced habits […]