Stuff I’m Thinking About

Obedience in one area, and how it relates to my life as a whole. If I’m not following God’s path for me in one area, it can totally derail everything else. I love to read several books at a time, but if I get too many going I start to panic and then all I […]

Lies and Truth

There is only one real defense against a lie, and that is the glorious, shining truth.

True and Truer

I think that one of the hardest things about being who I am– a pastor’s kid, a Christian school graduate, a Bible college graduate, a pastor’s wife– is the fact that I know all the so-called right answers to all the spiritual struggles I face in my daily life. I know them in my head, […]

The Good Fight, Part 5– Attitudes of a Warrior

Knowing that we are under attack, how should we respond? God’s Word contains both attitudes and actions that will enable us to experience victory and growth in every trial and temptation.

The Good Fight, Part 4– Seeking Whom He May Devour

This week I want to talk about how Satan attacks us. Last time, we explored a bit about when we are most vulnerable to his attacks, and before that we looked at the nature of temptation. We must remember that temptation starts in our own hearts, and we have no right to blame it all […]

The Good Fight, Part 3– Roaring Lion

Our enemy knows us. He has studied human nature since time began, and he is cunning and crafty. He knows our idols, our fears, our struggles, and our weak spots. Satan is an enemy to be taken seriously, and we should respect that fact.