I am untangling what I believe and who I am and all the words that my God says about me . . .


In Due Season

Sometimes obedience doesn’t come with an immediate reward, and we doubt. We make the sacrifice in faith that in due season we will reap, if we do not faint, and then when time passes and there seems to be no harvest, not even a small hint of fruit, we despair. His ways are not our […]

Of Weak Places and God My Strength

It’s raining and the hearts in my home are a mess of raw emotions– mostly anger. A contentious woman is like a continual dripping, Solomon said, and I’m sure he was right, but this morning in this house it’s all contention and the dripping outside wears away at us all. Within minutes of “Good morning,” […]

From the End of the Earth

My heart is overwhelmed. Seems like my state of being most days lately– so many things happening. So many sorrows, hard times. So much bad news. And on the days when everything outside seems okay, my vivid imagination invents all kinds of things to worry about. The enemy of my soul knows my weak spots […]