How to Pack for a Big Move with Kids

If you have kids, packing for a big move can be a daunting task. The fact that your thoughts have turned to packing tape, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap doesn’t mean that your kids aren’t still thinking in terms of eating food, wearing clothes, and making messes. This means that you’re going to have to […]

Squeezy Holds Forth: Family Relationships, Pronouns, Dinner, and Telling Time

Squeezy: Mommy. Me: What? Squeezy: Grandpa is his daddy. Me: Grandpa is my daddy. Mommy’s daddy. Squeezy: Mommy is his grandpa. Me: What?? Squeezy: Grandpa is his mommy. Me: Grandpa is my daddy. Squeezy: Yep! And he is shes grandpa. Me: I’m confused. Squeezy: Mom. Me: What? Squeezy: Are we having spadaddy for supper? Me: […]

What We’ve Been Up To– Week 2

The kids came home from Grandma and Grandpa’s on Monday and we’ve had a fun busy week since they came home. The boys were at Bible School in the mornings all week, which was fun for them although I think poor Squeezy was pretty tired of being left behind while her brothers were out gallivanting […]