What I’m Thinking about Tonight

1. It is so refreshing to spend time with friends who love the Lord. Today the kids and I went to the zoo with one of the ladies from our church, and it was just such a delightful time. I guess maybe I appreciated the adult company more than I normally would, since I have […]

What Happens When You Procrastinate Your Week in Review Post?

You end up having to post two weeks at a time! I’m not even sure I can remember what happened last week, but thankfully I took pictures. So. We took a field trip to the zoo. We are studying birds and of course the zoo has lots of birds, including this mama and her baby. […]

Oh, Those Crazy Kids. They Went to the Zoo Again!

And, bless her heart, she’s going to write yet another post about it! What is this, like the fourth time this year? I know that’s what you’re thinking. And you’re right. Because either I post about our trip to the zoo, or I tell you about all the other vaguely interesting things that happened today. […]

Slapdash Saturday, edition 15 and 16– Two for the Price of One!

So apparently I have this thing here called a blog, and apparently I am supposed to write things in it. Who knew? I’d like to say that the reason I’ve only posted twice this month is because I have been saving the world or writing the next Great American Novel or knitting sweaters for underprivileged […]

Our Trip to Jamaica

Okay, we really didn’t go to Jamaica. We went to the zoo. But we go to the zoo kind of a lot, and after awhile I just run out of snappy titles. This one caught your attention didn’t it? I mean, you at least wanted to read for a minute and see if I had […]

Walking for Arthritis

Well, today was that long-anticipated event, the Des Moines Arthritis Walk. Which Iowa celebrated by sending down much rain upon the earth. Ugh. Actually, the rain had pretty much cleared up before we actually started walking, which was a very good thing. By the time we left the sun was actually trying to peek through […]