Poem for Waiting

Winter Robin - Imgur

In the middle of a season
At the end of a year
When the world is dark and life is hard,
When all we want is relief and answers and hope,
We come to a time
Of waiting. 

And though waiting seems
Like the most ridiculous, impossible thing,
We steel ourselves for the long, expectant month
Of Advent.

Creation groans,
But we hold our breath. 

The world yells,
But we find a place to be still.

While everyone rushes madly,
We choose to  wait. 

And in this waiting, we find strength renewed,
Hope kindled,
Life given.

With expectation we lift weary eyes
To stars that declare Your glory,
And we know that You have come,
That You are here,
That Emanuel is not just a name, but a promise. 

O God of promises kept,
God of morning joy and morning mercies,
God of angel song over Bethlehem hills;

Teach us to wait.

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