Advice for Feeding Baby

I am no expert on infant care, but I have had three babies and I do work with children as a profession, and my years of experience with young people have taught me something.

For example, this is not the proper way to feed your baby.


Clearly, this is entirely inappropriate based on the age of the child (4 1/2 months). In order for your infant to receive the proper nutrition, it is necessary to feed him or her in an age-appropriate manner.


Remember, staying  up all night is hard work and may lead to a tired, cranky baby. But never give her her Starbucks in a cup with a straw. She could poke her eye out.

It’s much better to put the coffee directly into her bottle.

Have a lovely day.

*note: no actual coffee was consumed in the course of this photo session. Except by Mommy. Who is allowed.

9 thoughts on “Advice for Feeding Baby

  1. LOL! man, you are so much braver than i am. and more selfless too.

    starbucks is too expensive for me to share with my children 😉 that’s like sharing the expensive chocolate too. (gasp)

  2. Can I just say, I used to work at Starbucks, in the distant past, and people would give their children crazy amounts of caffeine. Well, they would order it, and we would make their drinks decaf anyway. 😀 I like to think we were doing our small part to save the world…

    I always felt like coffee was a privilege for grown-ups, but we live in a different world now…

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ha. ha.

    that gave me a good laugh

    BTW, I complimented your little finger on my blog today – or maybe it was my big toe, I can’t remember…

  4. Love it! Katie had a fascination for Starbucks red Christmas cups when she was about 5 months old, that pic brought back memories! My Abby adores coffee and doesn’t understand why she can’t get a cup when we splurge every now and then on Starbucks. Little stinker snuck a few swallows of my caramel machioto once; she was buzzed for a few hours and got a terrible tummy ache but didn’t learn her lesson at all!

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