Honest to Goodness

I was frolicking through my Google reader yesterday when I came upon Sharon’s blog, Good, True, and Beautiful, and much to my surprise, wonder, awe, and joy, my name was there in her blog post!

Bless her, she had passed on the Honest Scrap award, which is given to people who write from their hearts and share the honest stuff of their lives. Or, in my case, just overshare a lot.


I am very glad that Sharon passed this on to me, because it saved me from having to actually come up with something to write about today. I have had such a wild week, I must admit that the creativity is lacking a bit around here.

So I am supposed to post ten honest things about myself, as opposed to the lies I normally post (haha just kidding, I might exaggerate a little a lot but I never straight-out lie on here. What would be the point?).

1. This week I have spent fifteen hours at one job, six hours at another job, six hours helping to set up for a huge garage sale fundraiser at my son’s school, three hours in training for work, eight hours at church or driving to and from church, one hour helping out in Bubba’s classroom, several hours laying in bed thinking about all the things I have to do this week, several hours laying in bed wishing the Little One would go back to sleep, and not nearly enough hours sleeping.

2. I was supposed to bake cookies for our church kids program on Wednesday night and also for a bake sale at the school today but I didn’t. Maybe I should have done that while I was laying awake in the middle of the night all those times . . .

3. I’m tired and very happy it’s the weekend.

4. Tonight I am meeting some friends from high school and will undoubtedly stay out too late.

5. Tomorrow I will have to get up early because my mom and I are going to a monstrously huge garage sale.

6. If  I don’t find myself a whole big bunch of clothes at the garage sale tomorrow I am going to cry. I have exactly one pair of pants and two long-sleeved shirts for winter.

7. I would be tempted to just curl up in this here computer chair in the college library and take a nap if I didn’t think my snoring would disturb the Greek class that is meeting in the classroom next door.

8. I really can’t think at all because of said Greek class. All I can think is “It’s all Greek to me.” In fact, I just told that to Ellen, who is lucky enough to be sitting at the next computer. And I think I’m funny but I’m not sure she is convinced.

9. I have recently gotten into doing hair. Not mine. Mine is a hopeless cause. But the little girls at work. I found a bunch of hair blogs and I steal their ideas and copy them and now all the little girls at work big pink puffy heart me and their mothers think I’m amazing. All I really am is a copy cat. But at least if the Little One ever grows hair I will know some fancy styles.

10. I still can’t French braid. I keep trying in hopes that it will click but so far no luck. My sister, however, just learned how to do it and now my niece is even cuter than she was before . . .


See what I mean? Isn’t that just darling? I just asked Ellen and she can’t French braid either.

And now I get to pass this award on. I have made so many wonderful friends through this wacky world of blogging, and each of these ladies has touched my heart and made me smile at one point or another with their honesty. It is good to know that I am not the only one facing the struggles and trials and laundry-taller-than-my-kids of life.









11 thoughts on “Honest to Goodness

  1. how cute are you! THANKS!

    i totally use to french braid all the little girl’s hair at preschool, and yes all the mother’s loved me!
    i can even french braid a heart into the hair!
    needless to say i was well loved on valentines.

    so am i suppose to post 10 honest things bout myself..YIKES! i fear for my 5 followers.

  2. You posted this two days ago? And I’m just now getting my sorry rear over here to comment. Sheesh. I am such a slacker. I don’t deserve an award. Really, I don’t. Because I still haven’t fulfilled my end of the bargain from the last time you tagged me in a Meme!!

    But alas, I will say thank you, and will remind you how much I adore you and your blog. And of course I will try to keep the spirit alive, to keep the gift giving on.

    In the meantime, I was wondering if you wanted to call me sometime so we could sing through a few Psalty songs for old times sake?

  3. Ok, I’m totally butting in here, but I have to ask if Jo is referring to Psalty the Psalter Hymnal? (I’m laughing out loud in my livingroom …alone) My sister and I had those tapes and listened to them before bed at night. If this is not what you’re talking about, I will quietly back myself out of the room without so much as another peep. (Backing…backing…running away red-faced….)

  4. So…can we pretend that it is last week? Because I have been meaning to get my sad self over here to say thank you for…well, we won’t say how long, we’ll just say too long. 😦 But my gratitude is not any less sincere because it’s belated! I think you, and your blog, are just tops. 🙂

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