Monday Meanderings 3

Today I was walking home from Bible study, and as I walked up the hill by our church I noticed that the house behind the church had pink glowing windows. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what would make the windows glow like that, and then I realized that it was coming […]

ACTS of Prayer, part 3– Thanksgiving

Gratitude is unspeakably important in our lives as believers. Thanksgiving in prayer is an opportunity to thank God not just in general, but specifically—for things He is doing in our lives, for blessings we see and hold in our hands day by day.

Some Thoughts

Thanks to my husband, there are now curtains in five rooms of our house now! That only leaves three still in need! Sometimes I think that the right to vote gives us this feeling that somehow we are in charge of who leads us. This isn’t true. God is sovereign and He has control over […]